Insurance Plans

As much as we want our members to save, we also want them to be healthy and secure their family’s well-being. With that in mind we offer:
Life Insurance

In the event of death by natural causes, $50,000.00 shall be paid to the legal beneficiary on record and in the case of accidental death, $100,000.00.

Group Comprehensive Medical Plan

Please be advised that effective October 30th 2015, the increase in both Group Life and Group Comprehensive Medical Plans premiums will be applied.  Premiums were increased commensurate with the benefits negotiated for our members. Please ensure that your salary deductions/ ACH/ standing orders are updated to reflect these changes.

All members of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Credit Union are eligible for membership in the Group Health Plan one year after admittance to membership of the Credit Union. The maximum age limit to join is 45 years.

The premiums are as Follows:

Single Coverage – $175.00

Family Coverage – $305.00

Multiple Family Coverage – $443.00

Health NET Caribbean Limited

All members of the Group Medical Plan can access medical care services offered at Health Net Centres, providing them with primary care services. There are four locations conveniently located throughout Trinidad and Tobago. A down payment is required to access this service.


All members covered under the Group Comprehensive Medical Plan also benefit from a Preventative Care Package (Both Male and Female). These solutions are geared towards ensuring that you are aware of your current health condition and take the proactive steps to improve it.

CUNA Family Indemnity Plan
Insurance Plans

The plan that offers financial comfort during difficult times. The FIP provides you with cash benefit to be used to cover funeral expenses for you/ your eligible family members, as it covers up to six individuals.

Benefits of CUNA’s FIP:

  • Members can choose the plan best suits his or her needs.
  • No medical examination or questions.
  • Lifetime insurance coverage.
  • Payments for claims are made within two (2) days.
  • FIP covers up to six (6) eligible family members inclusive of the member.
Emergency Medical Fund

This fund was established to make funds readily available to members who require emergency medical treatment and to those members who do not have access to the immediate means to fund such treatment. Members of the Group comprehensive Medical Plan can access emergency medical treatment at Medical Associates Ltd., St. Joseph.

Flexible Premium Annuity

When you purchase an annuity through your credit union, the benefits are:

  • Your financial independence in the golden years of retirement
  • A guaranteed income that will adequately cover your needs

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