Can a regular person (who is not a police officer) join the Credit Union?

Yes. Once a person is interested in becoming a member of the Credit Union, regardless of their profession and age, he / she can join the Credit Union.

If I opened my account at one branch can I do a transaction at another branch?

Yes you can. All you information is digitally stored and accessed throughout the Police Credit Union networked branches.

If I only have one form of National ID, can I still become a member of the Credit Union?

Yes you can. We would understand persons may only have a National ID which would be accepted on a case by case basis.

What if I am renting and do not receive a utility bill?

You may submit your rent recipe to verify your current address.

What should I do if I misplaced my Passbook and forgot my account number?

Simply walk into the Credit Union and provide your full name to the clerk who will be able to provide you with your account number and other requested information.

If I live abroad, can my pension payments be deposited to my account?

Yes you can. Once all documentation has been submitted, we will facilitate and accept the monthly payments.

If my son or daughter is not in possession of a Passport will he/ she be able to apply for membership?

Yes, all juvenile applications, once submitted with the requested documents may apply for membership, whether they have a Passport No. or not. For those who possess a form of ID (Passport. National ID), it is encouraged to have these submitted for records purposes.

Will I be able to conduct transaction on behalf of my spouse/ parent/ sibling or relative.

Yes you can. Once you have authorization to do so by the bearer you may conduct transaction on his or her behalf.

What if I don’t know anyone to recommend my application? What should I do?

Walk with your completed application form, with necessary supporting documents. Your application would be treated on a case by case basis for recommendation by a member in good standing.

If I wish to update my account with new documents such as New ID or change of address can I email my documents?

Yes you can. Be sure to call ahead to acquire the correct email address and submit your full name and Account number.

I have been a member for two months. Can I take a vehicle loan at the Credit Union?

New members would only be able to access our Share Incentive Loan OR Personal Loan. All other loans will require the member to have at least six (6) months membership before any other loan type can be accessed.

Can I qualify for a loan online if I complete the form online?

No. All loan applications completed and submitted online will require further processing once it reaches the Loans Officer. Our e-loan service is a pre-approval process to facilitate a quicker transaction for persons seeking a loan at the Credit Union.

If I already have a loan at the Credit can I access another loan?

You may be able to access another loan based on your current shares and ability to repay. Should you desire to access another loan, inform you Loan’s officer and he/ she will provide financial advice on the matter.